Access to Research on over 1,000 Retail and Super Risk Benefits

Importance Of Advice

DEXX&R research is designed to support you in providing personal advice tailored to each clients's personal circumstances. Products vary in their wording across all benefits and these variations may, or may not, be relevant to your client's individual circumstances.

Our reports are designed to help comply with the "Best Interests Duty" obligations and help improve the quality of advice provided. All reports can be tailored and downloaded for use in an SOA to your local drive.

All of our research services are uniquely designed to allow you to research and compare every aspect of a contract when selecting products to recommend and are easy to use and ready within seconds.

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What DEXX&R Offers

Our eDEXX Serivce provides subscribers access to DEXX&R online research tools.

Three Options are available:

Product Research

Individual Risk & Group Super Risk Products covering all Lump Sum & Disability Income Market Products.

Research and Compare Features, Benefits, Defintions and Premiums.

Super & Investment
Product Research

Fees at both product and investment option levels, includes is a Super Fee Calculator allowing easy comparison of fees over time between two investments.

Information on Retirement Income, Superannuation and Retail Non-Super Investment.

Product Research

Combined Risk Product and Super and investment Product Research offes both tools for a discounted price so you are better able to fulfil all your research needs at the one place.

Benefits Of Using DEXX&R

 Affordable price

Our research services are available for up to 60% less than that charged by comparable services. Plus we offer flexible pricing to cater for multiple logins for para-planners and other staff in your practice.

  Anywhere, Anytime

Our online tools are accessed by a simply log-in, and can be accessed from a desktop in your office, or on the go from your phone or tablet.

  Tailored Research Services

We offer customized research for larger dealer groups or practices where their advisers have access to research that is formattd and tailored to the unique requirements of each Dealth Group or Large Practice.

  All Retail and Super Risk Benefits

Our research services cover all Retail Risk products and all Risk benefits available in Retail, Industry, Corporate and Public Sector Super Funds.

Research And Compare In 60 Seconds

The eDEXX service allows you research in the market in the way that best suits you:

Benchmark Report

Generate a Benchmark Report which generates a summary with a guide for each selected Benefit and Definition indicating whether the proposed product offers a Similar, Gain, Improved, reduced or Loss for Definitions and Benefits to the clients existing insurance.

Compare Key Differences Report

Gerenate a Compare the Key Differences Report identifying Key Differences and displaying DEXX&R's own Risk Ranking for every selected benefit and definition side by side.

Premium Comparisons

Premiums for current Retail and Super products can be made on the eDEXX subscriber website. Allowing comparison of premiums for all products and for all, or selected ages, in the one comparison.

A range of premium comparisons can be run over any user selected scenario and with range of multiple benefits. Premiums can be displayed for all or selected ages between 21 and 65, where applicable, in a single report.

Research Reports

Also available on DEXX&R Software are three Research reports including:

  • Full PDS Wording Report allowing you to run up to three products and view the Full PDS wording for selected Features and Defintions
  • Product Summary Report displaying a summary of Included and Optional Features, Benefits and Definitions for selected products. The full PDS wording can be viewed using the "Hover Over" feature
  • Compare Selected Benfits for all Products Report displaying up to five selected benefits and features for all products in the market. Perfect for displaying for example, all Trauma Cancer definition for all products in the market.


DEXX&R is a leading Australian Research Company operating in Superannuation, Funds Management and Life Insurance Industries since 1989. DEXX&R provides innovative research services for the Australian Financial Services Industry. Our objective is to provide detailed and accurate research covering all available products in each market segment. We provide comprehensive data and research to better help individuals and organisations make sound decisions.

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