Lump Sum Risk Products

DEXX&R Research includes Individual Retail Lump Sum Products including Term Life, Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) and Trauma Products. These Products provide a Lump Sum one off benefit payment in the event of a claim.

Disability Risk Products

DEXX&R Research includes Individual Retail Disability Products including Disability Income & Business Overheads. These Products provide a Monthly Benefit payment in the event of a claim.

Super Group Risk Products

Super Group Risk Products included in DEXX&R Research include both Personal and Employer Sponsored Superannuation Risk Products including all major Industry Funds and Public Super Funds. Benefits include Term Life, TPD & Disability Income

Individual life products are profiled by DEXX&R to produce reports on Features, Definitions, Parameters and Premiums

all verified against company quote engines before the date of release and include the following products:

  • Term Life
  • TPD Stand Alone
  • TPD Rider
  • Trauma Stand Alone
  • Trauma Rider
  • Disability Income
  • Business Overheads
  • Premium and Basic
  • Super and Non Super
  • On Sale and Off Sale

Individual Retail Risk Research

The Australian Life Insurance market comprises individual and group life insurance products. Individual life products are typically underwritten at the time of commencement, utilise a yearly stepped premium structure and are guaranteed renewable.

Under the Life Insurance Act individual policy terms and conditions cannot be later modified to be less generous than at the time of commencement.

DEXX&R's extensive product database dates back 30 years and covers all currently available individual life insurance products including Lump Sum and Disability Income. Legacy products are also available on request.

Super Group Risk Research

Group products are issued to an entity, typically the trustee of a superannuation fund, and provide default and optional cover for all members of the superannuation fund. Cover is provided for the duration of group policy which is typically for three or five years. Group cover is not guaranteed renewable.

Group products consist of Term Life, TPD and Disability Income. DEXX&R Provides research and data on all available products and are updated within a three month cylce.

Super Group Risk products profiled by DEXX&R include both Personal Super and Employer Sponsored products from all Retail, Industry, Public Sector and Corporate Secotr Funds.


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