Personalised Company Website

Personalised website to meet your Life Company needs with combinations of Risk Features, Benefits, Definitions and Premiums Quotes.

Heatmap Benchmarking

Benchmark your products for up to 125,000 unique Premium scenarios with calculated rates for all products. Annual rate per $1,000 sum insured/rate per $100 benefit per month available.

Market Reports

Market Share, Market Projections and Life Analysis reports available with research into Super & Investment and Life insurance markets

Consulting Services

Tailored consulting based services are available at DEXX&R including reports and advice to meet your specific needs.

Personalised Company Website

Personalised Company Website allows us to provide you with more frequent updates and a faster turn around time from the date of product release date to the data being available to you. Most updates are available on the website from date of release.

The website has been designed to be simple to use minimising training requirements. Documents prepared can be saved to the user machine as either PDF or Word documents to facilitate the transfer of data to other documents.

The Personalised Company Website Service allows access via a subscriber website to the detailed product features, benefits, parameters, definitions and underwriting data for all:

  • Individual Term Life, TPD, Trauma, Disability Income and Business Overheads products; plus
  • Personal Super products including major industry funds; plus
  • Employer Sponsored superannuation products including Industry Fund Master Trust equivalent products.

The site also includes a premium comparisons for current products and a PDS Library providing online access to current Product Disclosure Documents (PDS) for all current risk products.

DEXX&R also provides a Risk Rankings process which is designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of all currently available Australian retail risk products.

Rankings are based on market strength, features and benefits, definitions and price for all currently available Term, TPD, Trauma, Disability Income and Business Expenses products.

Heatmap Premium Benchmarking

The DEXX&R Premium Benchmark and Heat Map service provides a highly detailed and comprehensive premium comparison service. The service is tailored to the specific needs of each client and formatted to allow comparison of premiums for all competitor products with the client's product set as the benchmark.

The premium comparison in each scenario displays the following three premium comparisons:

1. A Heat Map with premiums shown benchmarked to the client's product as similar (within a user defined range for example + or - 5%, higher or lower);

2. The total premium at each age between 21 and 65 for each company;

3. The rate per thousand at each age between 21 and 65 for each benefit included in the scenario.

The DEXX&R Premium Benchmark Service provides access to over 125,000 scenarios:

  • Rates for all ages between 21 and 65, 45 rates for each product included in each scenario;
  • Two thirds of the scenarios are for two or more benefit combinations with 90 and up to 180 individual rates shown per product for each scenario;
  • A total of over 10 million individual premium rates.

All derived from our software engine that is verified against each company's quote engine providing a high level of confidence in the accuracy of the rates shown and Regularly updated as competitors release revised prising.

All in EXCEL spreadsheet format allowing easy transfer to client spreadsheets for further analysis or historical comparison, for example before and after a competitor has updated their rates.

DEXX&R will include additional client specific scenarios incorporated on request at no additional cost. On request premium verification spot checks are available.

Market Reports

DEXX&R offers a variety of unique and accurate Market Reports to assist with future planning. These reports include:

Life Analysis

The content of the Life Analysis enables you identify the key trends in each life insurance product segment, measure the change over time for the total market and for each life insurance company. You can track changes in new business, in-force business and discontinuances.

The tables show trends at a high level for the product segment and enable you to undertake detailed analysis by drilling down to ordinary and super business and also for investment products by investment class.

The Life Analysis Report provides the most comprehensive coverage of life company business available in the Australian market.

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Market Projections

DEXX&R's Projections Model was first developed in 1997 and has constantly updated and expanded over the past 23 years. The model provides ten year projections of future movements in FUM/A covering each segment in the retail and wholesale non-bank financial services industry. The model utilises an extensive and unique dataset collected directly from financial institutions by DEXX&R supplemented by data sourced from APRA, the ATO, ABS and RBA.

The Market Projections Report is a comprehensive reference source for all those involved in strategy, product development, research, marketing and sales.

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Market Share

The content of the Analysis Market Share Report enables you identify the key trends in Superannuation and Investment product segments, measure the change over time for the total market and for each individual company and product. You can track changes in Fund Under Management FUM, Gross / Net Flows, Gross Transfers and Investment Earnings.

The tables show trends at a high level for the product segment and enable you to undertake detailed analysis by drilling down to individual products.

The Analysis Market Share Report provides the most comprehensive coverage of the Superannuation and Investment available in the Australian market.

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Consulting Services

DEXX&R provides client specific consulting services aligned with its research services. These include competitor analysis, strategic advice on product positioning, product market reviews including negotiating the acceptance of recommended enhancements with reinsurers. DEXX&R also provided market assessment and strategic advice to international clients seeking to enter the Australian market. DEXX&R also provides APL review services to several dealer groups.

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